About This Wobsite

Long, long ago, this Wobsite began. The year was 1999; the day has been lost to history. The site was small, weak, and ugly; it was filled with tables and knew not the wonders of strict HTML. It was written in Netscape Communicator, and hosted upon a rogue Microsoft IIS server on Windows 98 upon the very campus of LeTourneau University. Dark times, indeed.

Soon, this site was struck from its server, when the University closed its ports. But it rose again, this time hosted by the very Geocities that was slain not long ago. It quickly grew beyond the size limitations of that site, and moved to a free hosting service. It was still small, and lacking in content, but it had bandwith, and didn't vanish when Arman shut his computer down. As Arman's understanding grew, likewise did the wobsite. Finally, in the month of June, in the year 2006, the wobsite did move to Arman's own Debian server, where it resides to this day. It was given the name "i-arman," and hosted upon no-ip.com's free dynamic IP service.

And then, lo, in November of that same year, after a late-night discussion with Atanamis, Arman did begin writing The Blag!?!. He titled it so, after reading XKCD #148. Years and much hard work were spent, until May of 2009, when it received a domain name, i-arman.com; shortly thereafter, the wobsite split into dynamic and static, and into mobile and desktop versions, and lo, the true beginning of the wobsite was at hand!

~ ~ ~

As the story above notes, I started this website in '99, and it's grown ever since. The main reason for the dynamic website (The Blag!?!, as it were) was to add a bit of granularity to security. Other blogs and social websites let you share your content either with everyone in the whole wide world, or only with a specific set of friends. If you want to post about your day, but tell your friends a few more details, you either have to post twice with two different security settings, or compromise somehow. There was also the problem of signing up. If you only go to a blag a few times a month, you don't really want to have your own profile, blag, and other such upkeep. You don't even want to have to sign in to choose your username. Atanamis and I talked about the details at length for one night, and in the morning, I decided to start building something that could do just that. I didn't know much about Perl at the time, but it was a great time to learn.

The blag has come a long way, but it's far from done. I've gotten tags, but I haven't even started on the sub-users. I generally program in spurts, working on related stuff until it works well. Lately, I've been working a little bit on looks, but mostly on behind-the-scenes stuff, like RSS feeds and sitemap generators - and website creators, too.

Anyway, here are the custom tags I've invented:

<guest>visible to everyone</guest> (deprecated)
<any>visible to anyone logged in</any>
<group group1,group2>visible to group1,group2, etc.</group> (planned, not yet implemented)
<inner>visible only to your inner circle</inner>
<user user1,user2>visible to specific users</user>
<pic 37> show one of your pictures
<pic arman 37> show someone else's pictures

There will be a lot more added to the blag, I'm sure; in time, I'd like to weave IM, email, text messaging, and possibly other social websites like Facebook together. While I can modify anything with admin access to my server, I'd like to be able to log in from anywhere and do the same thing. It'll be awesome!