Text Adventure Games

I've always liked text adventures; unlike RTS or FPS games, there is a certain amount of imagination involved that makes things just that much more interesting. The first text game I ever played was called Humbug. It was a fairly large game, with lots of tricky bits. I spent hours chasing cats, feeding vikings, and wondering what a torch was (it's a flashlight, not a burning stick). It was awesome. I've played many games since then, but that one has always stuck in my head.

Because of the fun I had, in 2001 (or so) I decided to write my own text adventure. I stopped after a while, when studies became too much, but over the years, I've picked it up and done a little more numerous times... and now, I've finally finished it. It's not a big game, or even that terribly complicated - but it's mine. And - never one to start small - I've entered it in a competition! Once the competition is done, I'll put it up; for now, the holder page is all you get.

My first game can be found here: Fog Convict

My second game - a lot more polished, though still not perfect - can be found here: Blind

I wrote my games in TADS 2, for two reasons; first, TADS 3 hadn't come out yet when I started, and second, TADS 2 has a java-based interpreter, so I can actually use it online. The games I'm working on now are TADS 3 based, though, and there isn't an online interpreter for them. Yet. There may be by the time I finish them, who knows.

Anyway, have fun!