Link Page

This is a small collection of links that I've found interesting, or otherwise worthy of holding a special place on this site.

Dropbox - This is a file sharing/backup site, with clients for just about anything (Linux, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android...). If you sign up with that link, we both get an extra 250 MB of storage, for a max of 8 GB. The starting max is 2 GB.

LeTourneau University - This is my school, in Longview, TX. Not that I like Texas. Too hot, not enough snow. The school's pretty good though. Maybe a bit pricey, but when (and if) you graduate, you'll know your stuff.

Webcomics! Here's a list of the comics I frequent:
Goblins, Schlock Mercenary, Userfriendly, Unshelved, Girl Genius, Order of the Stick, Real Life Comics, Two Lumps, Evil, Inc., The 10 Doctors, XKCD, IrregularWebcomic
Most comics on the list are every day of the week; others update Mon. - Fri. There's a few that update rather sporadically, but are just so good, you can't pass them up!

Opera Web Browser is awesome. Not only have they come out with most browser technology first (tabbed browsing, embedded RSS reader, and integrated popup blocker, to name a few), but they are fast, light, and just plain awesome.

Google - 10^100 (1 followed by 100 zeros). Also the best search engine there is - simple, easy to use, and all around fun! Even better, Google makes things like Gmail, Google Apps, and other such production-boosting stuff.

Debian Linux - Windows may be getting better, but nothing matches Linux for hands-on personalization. Debian has apt, too, which makes for very simple upgrades.

Ubuntu - Debian too much for you? Here's something more your speed - Ubuntu! Not only is it designed for users from 'novice' to 'expert,' it ships (free) on a (free) CD (for free). Stick it in your computer, reboot, and you're in Linux. Take it out, reboot, and you're back in whatever OS you had before. It runs completely off the cd, so it doesn't even touch your hard drive. It's AWESOME! And did I mention FREE?

Newegg is an awesome place to buy computer stuff. You may be able to find a better deal on single pieces of hardware, but it's doubtful. I've also had very, very, very good experience with the customer support there. And trust me - you can't beat their shipping.

ThinkGeek is stuff for, well, geeks. Everything from ties that say "I hate ties" in binary, to molds to make your own ice mugs, to plush zombies. Great fun!

Android is my phone's OS. It's like that iPhone stuff, only better! I can use my Droid to SSH into my home computer, watch movies, control my TV, and even entertain my kids. How cool is that?