Twisted Tales from a Convoluted Mind

Really, these stories are pretty weird. They range from Celtic mind games to not-so-run-of-the-mill horror stories. There's only a few here, but I'll be adding more as time goes on.

Oh, and... I never said they were good.


This is the story of Toclulluth, a Wanderer. The Wanderers were a group of Christian Druids, intent on keeping the world safe from the Hunters - their dark, evil cousins.

C for Cannibal

In a rather X-Files-like story, a young man discovers a 15 year old mystery death - and who was responsible. I wrote the story in a single day, between classes... I suppose it could use a bit more... work. This is probably my least favorite of my stories.


Have you ever noticed how stillness is far more terrifying than sound and movement? At night, you lay in your bed, staring at the ceiling... Everything is calm, until something catches your ear - was that a step on the stairs? The creak of a door being opened? Suddenly, thoughts of axe murderers flash through your thoughts. Only now, you can't turn on the lights...


I do write poetry, but it's a good deal harder than prose. This is a poem of the Dreamweaver, the author of our nightmares - the artist of the night.

Papercut Heart

This is a poem I wrote for a friend of mine, who was at the time going through a pretty rough time - or rather, several rough times that all happened to exist simultaneously. This is for you, Chris.

Time Well Traveled

This is actually three short stories in one, all about time travel. I'm not sure which I like best; they all have their own oddities.

The Greatest Wizard

A story about the Greatest Wizard, hero of the Arena, as told by a grandfather to his grandchildren. This story spent a lot of time rattling around in my head before I ever wrote it down.