Papercut Heart

I saw all the pain in your life
I watched as you hurt, as you struggled, and fell
I watched as you gave all yourself
But the world did not care, no remorse
and they tore open your papercut heart

The world took what you gave
they threw it all back, all your love and your life
beat you down into tears and no hope
the world that mocks with its frown
and they poured salt in your papercut heart

You have love in your heart - it shines through
It shines out from your life, from your eyes, from all sides
but the light has been clouded by hate
by the world that is beating you down
and they beat life from your papercut heart

Why torture? Why hurting - why you?
Are they blind? are they deaf? What fear do they have?
Is your pain not worth just a thought?
are they stupid and heartless and numb
as they step on your papercut heart

But I see, and I know, and I'm here
A shoulder to lean on for help
There's others, as well, an army of friends
to add to your light, and keep your soul bright
and bandage your papercut heart